Positive Recruitment
Positive Recruitment

Senior Management

When your company has grown or is growing into needing a senior management team, finding the right people can be a real challenge.  This level of recruitment is one of the toughest, as so many candidates feel they have the right skills, but in reality they don’t!


The only way we have found to really get the cream of the crop for your company is by spending initial time understanding who will be below this team and who is above them.


Whether you are looking for 1 senior manger or a team, the principals are the same.  Senior managers need to have such a variety of communication skills, to be able to listen and empathise with the ‘shop floor’, to be seen to be on their side, but also have the ability to liaise at director level when putting cases and projects forward for change.


We work closely with our clients to fully gauge what the essential candidate requirements are and why you need them.  Then we look at who’s in the company who will be working closely with this level of manager and see what characteristics and/or skills would complement or bring them on.

We have proven success in recruiting for this level and within a real variety of business type and size.