Positive Recruitment
Positive Recruitment

Sales and Customer Service

This sector is what we call our ‘bread and butter’; on a weekly basis we successfully place candidates within these sorts of roles.  The biggest issue you will have recruiting for theses types of candidates is ‘staying power’ and trying to avoid candidates who have moved from job to job on a regular basis.

Whether you are a sales company who need Telemarketing/Telesales people or a business with a Sales/Customer Service Department, we have so much proven experience of finding the best possible candidates for your commercial needs.  These candidates have to add real value in sales generation or after sales support.

Initially we work closely with our clients to really find out what skills are essential and proven, then find out what training is offered.  Personality is also a major factor in this sort of recruitment, as very often we find brilliant personalities with the right drive and ambition, who just need the opportunity with sales/customer service training.

So whether you need the experience, personality or both – Positive Recruitment will be able to find them!